They Yelled At Me

Oren recently recalled The Day They Yelled At Him At Preschool.  Until this moment, I never knew such a day existed, apparently a month ago, leading to a brief period where he did not want to go to preschool.  This is his story…..

The day they yelled at me is over a lot of days ago.  I sat down at the table and then they yelled at me.  (Who yelled?)  All of them.  (What did they yell?)  Ahhh, Oren’s a Plane, OREN’S A PLANE!!!  (How many times did they yell it?)  UHHHHH!  Just one time.  (And what did you do after they yelled?)  I didn’t do nothing.  I just showed them what I was.  Lets check who visited my blog.  (Lets finish this first.  What did the teacher say?)  She didn’t sit down yet.  I QUICKLY got in line before she did.  (What were the people at the table?) All of the persons at the table were planes.  (Oh?  Then you should have been at the table.) I WAS AT THE TABLE!!.  (Were you embarrassed?)  NO WAY!  I was SO scared.  I was SCARED!  (Why were you scared?)  Because they yelled at me.  (Did the day end pretty well?)  No way!  (Did it end bad?) Yes.  (Why?)  Okay, I spy with my little eye….WHY are you doing what I’m saying?  Why did you put I spy with My little EYE??  (I don’t know, I just did.  Anything else you want to say to anybody?) Sure.


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21 04 2009


22 04 2009

I spy is one of my favorite games! I spy something reddish brown…

23 04 2009
Shannon Harms

Oren, I wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love reading your blogs! You seem like such a creative little man… Can’t wait to read more in the future! Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

23 04 2009

Hey Oren,
I love reading your blog. I am going to miss seeing your smiles while I am in Missouri. I hope you have better days at preschool.

23 04 2009
Aunt C

Oren, you have a blog?!?
I’m sorry you were scared when they called you a plane. I had a similar experience when I was in pre-school. We were playing work and they said they were going to fire me. I wouldn’t go back to school for days.

30 04 2009
Kristin Caywood

I hate it when that happens. Hopefully better days are to come.

13 05 2009
Gma Whiteley

Oren, I am sorry to hear that you had a bad day in pre-school and ended up being scared. I am sure as you get to know the others in your class better you won’t be scared any longer. Love you,
Gma Whiteley

I spy something with gray, black and white hair. I’ll give you an extra hint, it says “meow”.

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