On Kindergarten

I thought in Kindergarten we were going to be doing the Yellow song.  I ended up doing just nothing.  (Nothing at all?)  Nothing at all.  (Were you scared?)  No.  (Did you make friends?)  I didn’t make friends with anybody.  I made friends with just Mel.  (Tell me about your teacher) Uhhhh, she really likes doing the RED song.  She likes doing teaching.  (Do you know how long she’s been doing it?)  Two days.  (School started Monday – makes sense) ( What was the first day like?)  I came downstairs.  We had pancakes with blueberries.  (No, that was today, what did we do yesterday for breakfast?)  Go to school?  (Kinda true, we did shove food in him as we ran down the street).  The best thing so far is singing the RED song.  The worst thing so far is when Mel got in trouble.  (Mel got in trouble?) Yeah!  AND that mean guy.  Well, he’s not mean, he just didn’t listen to the teacher.  (Is that important?)  Uhhhh, yeah, that’s important.  (What do you hope to learn this year?)  I hope to learn the YELLOW song.


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