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Rabbit.  I think I can spell Rabbit.   (Mom, can you just write it).  I am excited about kindergarten in September.  It is going to be about learning. (Like what?)  I am going to learn what peoples names are and I don’t know how to spell bear, so I’ll probably learn that.  Learning what animals are – some I don’t know.  Emily(cousin) says it will be fun in kindergarten.  My favorite tv show is OSO.  He helps some kids do things.  My favorite song is the song that Wii plays.  I’m really good at Wii.  I love to play with my baby sister.  (Describe her to me)  She likes toys.  She looks like a kid.  I love to give her her toys.  I would like to say HI EVERYBODY.custom-edit-0662


5 responses

19 04 2009
John McClory (your cousin)

Great job, Oren! I hope kindergarten is fun!

20 04 2009
Gma Whiteley

You will have lots of fun in school and make lots of new friends. I can’t believe you will be 5 years old soon. How did that happen?

19 04 2009
Debby Jarrell

Oren, I am glad you are exited about Kindergarten. I’m sure you will have a lot of fun and really learn a lot.

23 04 2009
Gloria Sattler

Oren, I love your blog!

7 05 2009
Kristin Caywood

Hey Oren, You are going to do great in kindergarten. You will meet other kids, most of them will be nice. But you will have to watch out for mean and bossy kids. There is usually one kid like that. You will make lots of friends though! And for the most part the cafeteria food is pretty good. Unless your mom is going to pack your lunch. If your mom packs your lunch, make sure she gives you cool stuff like fruit by the foot and juice boxes. If you come to school with prunes and cauliflower, the other kids will laugh at you and think you are a nerd. So make sure your mom makes you look cool.

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