What About Me?

Ahhhh, if you are reading this you know who I am…otherwise, why on earth would you read this.  In fact, if you do not know who I am (not in a prima donna sense) and you are reading this than you should consider some things:  1.  You aren’t spending enough time on Facebook; 2.  You are really bored and need a hobby – I’ll suggest ice blocking; 3.  You thought you navigated to a different friend’s blog – in which case the previous two points are still valid.  If you do know me and are reading this then you clearly thought I would reveal something embarrassing about myself – to that I say HA!  Just the opposite, I will clear up something about myself –  I did NOT in fact wet my pants in a 7-Eleven, despite the fact that that story has been attributed to me.  So there.  I hope you are happy.


One response

19 04 2009

re: the 7-Eleven story – hahahahaha. I remember the ride home on the bus from somewhere when the story suddenly became about you and not a friend! Still one of the best stories ever! I’m so, so, so excited you have a blog because you are the funniest person I know. So, no pressure, but I’m looking forward to being entertained here.

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