When Peacocks Attack

13 04 2012

OR what really happened that fateful day….

It was the winter of our discontent (sorry, Dicken’s humor)  that spring day when the kids had just finished horsemanship lessons.  The fact that the 3-year-old is even taking horse lessons is a story for another time….but I digress.  The children had just wound down their riding with some time on the trampoline and were putting their shoes back on when a beautiful peacock wandered over from the neighboring farm.

He was beautiful.  The tall blue bombshell came within arms reach (not my short t-rex arms, but arms of normal length) of us and soaked us in with its curious eyes.  We quietly oooo’d and ahhhhhh’d at its gorgeous blue sheen and the tiny feathers sticking off the long bare sticks at the top of its head.  Oren hypothesized about its webbed feet and we debated the swimming abilities of our delightful companion.  It slowly paced around us, admiring our shoes, our funny haircuts.  Elliotte asked me if she could pet our new pal.  I said no.   And then it happened..our lovely fellow made the cutest of coos.  Of course, he wanted to be friends, so we cooed back.  He cooed. We cooed.  He cooed.  We cooed.  It was a moment of magic and mystery.

The peacock then started another loop of adoration.  As it drifted dreamily around us, our sweet Elliotte rose slightly from her crouch and in that split second we relived the scene in Jurassic Park where that crazy bird dinosaur turns from cute to deadly.  As I grabbed Ell, that nasty little bugger dropped a shoulder and charged the 3-year-old, jumping at the last second and kung fu peacocking her in her tiny face.

It was horrible. The entire side of her face was red and raw from the giant webbed grotesque bird foot.  Her cries of injustice.  It was horrible.
She awoke the next morning with a CPS worthy black eye and swollen cheek.

All I can say is, watch out peacocks, I think she is out for revenge.  And geese, I wouldn’t even think about it.

And I think we have to scratch Jurassic Park off the list for a good long while.






3 responses

13 04 2012

Hilarious! “You should see the peacock!”

14 04 2012
Matt J.

Love that video. Her humor will soften the trauma. Be sure to tell her not all peacocks are so mean. Only most of them 🙂

15 04 2012

Love it!!!

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