So, lets talk about last year….

1 01 2012

So, 2011 started of crazy, we moved, I was really really fat – no, flat out obese, and sadly out of shape while leading an outdoor experience class.  It was sad.  I was sad.  But, as things do, things changed…a LOT.  I think the one moment that changed it all (which is always a culmination of many many moments thoughts and spasms) was a casual conversation with a friend about baby weight. I joked about how I had some baby weight to lose from my last pregnancy nearly 3 years prior and she  laughed and laughed cause it was such a good joke that all this weight could be blamed on an event so long ago.  I mean, she laughed really hard. Really hard.   Don’t get me wrong, I laughed too, because it seemed like the right thing to do. There we sat laughing and laughing. Meanwhile, my baby was getting pretty near ready to start preschool.  Hmmm.  I mean, without this conversation I can see myself with 20 year old baby and 150 lbs of baby weight. I hadn’t been kidding.  I sort of believed it.  HA!  I mean, of course I pretended that it was so funny, but inside I was thinking that people would see this tiny baby with me and excuse my excess belly.   SO, I literally thought about this conversation for a week and then jumped on the one diet trend I had never tried (cause, frankly ANY diet will work if you stick to it). Inspired by the perpetual success of a friend, I started South Beach and immediately felt better than I had in AGES.  And, of course, I lost weight.  It was awesome. 

In June my work world was ripped apart as I was transferred out of the bubble I had worked in for 6 years and into a site much closer to home.  I hated the idea of it, of not working with my beloved students and colleagues, but I LOVE change.  LOVE IT!  So, I was conflicted.  Either I could wallow around in self pity, which I did for a minute, or I could embrace the changes, shorter commute and new adventures.  Well, okay, I did both.  On top of that, I decided to take advantage of my shifted schedule and sleep time and I bit the bullet and decided that instead of running a few spotty days a week, I was going to run every day.  Yeah, I know, seems excessive, but I figured: 1.  horses run every day, so I should be able to, right?  and, 2. if I did it every day, it would be less optional, and it was.  I have never had such an easy time sticking to a work out regime.  Every morning I was up and on the treadmill at 4:45.  I chose 4:45 because as much as everyone says “make time for yourself” the reality of working full time and having two small kiddos at home doesn’t really allow for regular “making of time” in the midst of homework, cleaning, food preparation, etc…(okay, perhaps not SO much time was devoted to cleaning either).  But it worked out beautifully, I got my workout in before anyone woke up, even letting myself sleep in till 6 on weekends.  I felt AMAZING!  Except for the occasional mornings where a pink clad cute thing would find her way into the garage and bring the whole thing to a halt. 

So, here I am, about 30 pounds down with a actual consistent diet and workout regime and I also happen to love my new co-workers nearly as much as my old ones.  PLUS several of my students followed me to the new site, which made me feel right at home.  The only downside to this point in the year was the perpetual back pain I have always borne with the pride of a well busted woman, became a constant and horrific companion due to my daily running (I guess that is the one thing horses don’t have to deal with).  So, my doctor and I discussed a procedure that I was first referred for in my teens.  Yep, I was referred to move from a Dolly Parton in the direction of a Gwyneth Paltrow, and I can’t even tell you how excited I was.  However, that was in August.  The procedure would not be  booked until December 30th. 

A lot had happened between my referral and my surgery ,most note-able was that my awesome grandfather died quiet unexpectedly.  It was pretty awful, but he had a FANTASTIC life, so the celebration is in that he lived it to the fullest to the very end (Love you grandpa!) AND I managed to drop a total of 50 pounds.  We also got to enjoy Disneyland as a family with my brothers and sisters and all the nieces and nephews thanks to the Christmas present from my parents.  So riding the high of It’s a Small World, I went into surgery on the 30th full of anxiety and cold feet.  But the second I found out my anthesiologist’s name was Dr. Mystery (I’m sure that isn’t how it is spelled, but please don’t pop my bubble) I knew it would be fine.  That and I was assured by many that my Dr. was the best and had done  the procedure on many of the nurses at Sutter.  And all went well, and immediately I can breath more easily – an unexpected bonus to the surgery.

SO, 2011 ended with a whole lot less of me.  I feel accomplished.  I don’t recall what my resolutions were for last year, but I’m sure they involved losing weight (SUCCESS!).  My first resolution of 2012 is to dress better – mostly because I am now in desperate need of a new wardrobe comprised of clothes that actually fit me.  Tomorrow is my big unbandaging and from that point forward I can get a better idea of what this new year will have in store for me.  Until then, I am thankful for all the friends and family who have so richly blessed my life and laughed at my jokes or just laughed with me when laughing needed to happen.  Good luck in sticking to whatever silly thing you choose to accomplish in 2012!    




4 responses

2 01 2012

I love you and couldn’t be prouder of you for all you have accomplished this year.

2 01 2012
Shannon Fox

Francine, I loved reading that! Good for you and all you’ve embraced and changed! Awesome!

2 01 2012

I am so happy for you! Your words are so entertaining to read! Thank you for sharing and may God bless you and your precious family during this new year! LK

2 01 2012

Way to go Francine!! Loved reading your blog, you’re a good writer! Keep it up & I can’t wait to hear what you think of CF if you go that route. Xoxo

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