Marshmallow Sized Hail

9 06 2009

...would like to issue a sever weather warning for....With the amazing electrical storm we had recently, I have a confession it is time I make.  I have a certain fondness for severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service.  When the airwaves fill with that staticky hum, and that familiar voice that is part computer and part computer nerd enters my presence, my Pavlovian response is fast and furious.  I hunker in, salivating for the eager descriptions of golf ball sized hail and lightning sure to cause loss of both life and property.  I don’t know if it is the delivery, the list like presentation of both facts and possibilities, that makes me crave it more than a 30 something craves a Twilight novel.  It might be the presence of vivid imagery such as “RAMPANT FLOODING’ and “FIST SIZED HAIL” that captivates my inner English Major, like a long lost brother admitting to stealing my essays and using them in his English classes for better grades because the teachers expected less.   But I digress.




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