Its not funny.

2 05 2009

I’m pretty sure I am alone in this sentiment, but I really don’t like comedians.  There is just something about the fact that this person, this stranger, is trying to make me laugh that offends me.  I don’t find them funny at all, and, beyond that, I find them rather irritating.  The really bizarre thing is that I LOVE to laugh.  I laugh frequently, loudly and with very little provocation. 

  Clearly it is stemming from my own arrogance.  I am so capable of making myself laugh, that I  know that others aren’t nearly as skilled as I in doing it.  Nobody can make me laugh like I can – let alone a total stranger.  In fact it is not only rude that they are so presumptuous, but offensiveness that they think I should pay them.  I don’t even pay myself. 

But maybe I should.  I mean, if these comedians are getting rich making other people laugh, shouldn’t I get rich making myself laugh?  Is there money in being a self comedian?  Of course, part of me fears this might actually be an affliction.  And you can’t quite go to parties and answer “I make myself laugh” to the question “What do you do for a living?”.

On a side note…I absolutely love mimes.