They Don’t Know

21 04 2009
Used with permission but permission might be revoked when he reads the blog.

Used with permission but permission might be revoked when he reads the blog.

So, it has always bothered me that stupid people don’t really realize they are stupid.  I mean, you would think that you might notice when you make the same horrific mistakes, or are so consistently wrong, right?  But, nonetheless, they never, ever seem to know that they are so lacking in the mental capacities.  When you encounter Joe Public doing incredibly stupid things or saying completely ridiculous things with the full passion and confidence of a rocket scientist, Joe never thinks twice that perhaps his opinion is best kept to himself.  His authority is based in the ridiculous.  (Not to limit this to Joe Public, Joan Public has no idea she is an idiot either)

This terrifies me because, while I would never admit it to anybody, I kinda think I’m smart.  I might even be brilliant.  You see my problem?  I  DON’T  THINK  I’M  STUPID.  And, yet, I am KEENLY aware of this odd juxtaposition of lacking intellect and confidence.  Hmmmmm.  In fact, just posting this indicates a high opinion on the matter.  So, just maybe, I am….no….not possible.  And you, you aren’t immune.  You probably don’t think you are stupid either, right?  How do you know?    Who is qualified to tell you?  I mean, every stupid person you’ve ever encountered probably thought exactly the same as you do.

I think the second you don’t think you are stupid, you are at risk of possibly being so, right?  Of course….you are reading my blog….and we’ve already discussed how I am smart, possibly brilliant.  You must be equally (or nearly equally) smart as well.  So, I think I’ve solved it.  Stupid people never know they are stupid, but smart people definitely know when they are smart, possibly brilliant.  Solved. 

Next, I think I will explore how arrogant people never know they are arrogant.

(for the record, my husband’s photo was not used because he is stupid – although he does not think he is – but rather because of the face he is making – it is not his real face, and is not frozen like that despite rumors to the contrary.)




One response

23 04 2009
Shannon Harms

Very well put Francine. And I totally agree with you, 100%!! Of course, not just because I read your blogs, which = I too, am smart, if not brilliant… no, no, that’s not it. 😉 A big thank you for my morning laugh! Have a great day!

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