19 04 2009

custom-edit-1782I love hiking.  Seriously love hiking.  It is different with kids though.  Hiking yesterday at this huge park with miles and miles of gorgeous trails, streams, turtles, hidden waterfalls was amazing.  The only problem is that apparently Oren takes more after Clay than me in his love of nature.  I’m not sure which of the two was more miserable.   

I’ve read that kids these days don’t have enough exposure to nature.  I feel like we’ve done our part by camping, having O play at my sister’s house in the woods, etc..etc..  But he has a lot of anxiety in nature.  From early on in the hike O wanted to be carried.  I think someone must have thrown about the term SNAKE and there were concerns about poison oak – which was more abundant than socks under the sheets on my side of the bed, and lets not even mention the bees.  So, from early on in the hike I had a 40 lb wiggling weight draped around my neck.  This added to the 20lb backpack full of water and snacks, and the heat of the day didn’t set me up for a lot of enjoyment of the geocaching.  But, on the flip side, I was so focused on packing him in and out that I didn’t have time to pay heed to my own bruised feet or sweaty pits.   I was, however, keenly aware when he peed and the breeze blew the over spray onto his own shoe, knowing they would soon be draped again around my neck.  (On a related note – always hike with baby wipes)

In all fairness, Clay, who does not on any level enjoy hiking, packed in the baby in a backpack and packed out little O.  Oren even at one point fell asleep on his shoulders.    Kudos, babe.  Funny, though, how they can be so similar in a matter of preference.  Perhaps hiking is genetic.

Ahhh, the adventures of a caring parent.    That being said, I am now looking into nature remediation.  Any suggestions?  Do I need to buy some lizards, catch some flies, go tadpole hunting?  I think the next step is another round of camping.




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20 04 2009
Gma Whiteley

Looks from the picture as if it was a beautiful day to go hiking. Don’t blame me for Clay’s fear of creatures. I was a tomboy growing up and used to catch spiders, lizards and whatever else happened to cross my path. Where he got that from, I will never know, but it wasn’t from me.

21 04 2009
Shannon Harms

Hey Francine, found your blog via Whiteley Photography’s site. Clay stated that you were quite possibly the funniest woman on earth, and after reading of your adventures in the great outdoors, I believe he was right!! Being a parent isn’t an easy task and it’s a shame there’s no “Parenting for Dummies” on the shelves. Can’t wait to read about your future adventures with your beautiful family! Take care and thanks for the read!

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